Monday, 12 August 2013

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake

It's kind of ironic that whilst I'm currently without a phone or camera I'm feeling at my most creative and am wanting to take photographs every ten minutes. I don't miss my actual phone, (which sadly got lost somewhere in the foggy midst of my 20th birthday celebrations in Ibiza) I just miss Snapchat and Instagram... I guess that makes me some kind of social networking loser, no? Whatevs.

With this is mind, I knew I had to do something creative on my day off. So I did the maths. The baking kind of maths (obviously), which is as follows...

An abundance of the most delicious freshly picked raspberries + three unclaimed bars of white chocolate in the cupboard + Philadelphia on half price in Morrisons (I am a student guys) = a raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake sent from the Gods.

It it KILLING me that I can't show you guys a photograph of my precious little baby. The recipe is taken from BBC Good Food and can be found here, the only changes I made were adding a little extra butter to the biscuit base (cue Gregg Wallace's buttery biscuit base YouTube sensation being stuck in your head. You're welcome) and adding a TONNE more raspberries, only because I had so many crammed in the fridge I don't know what to do with them. Watch this space for more raspberry themed recipes maybe?

I apologise for the lack of photographs. How BORING. Ugh. Hopefully I will have a phone by the weekend, and that will have to do till September when I will finally be able to dig out my camera lead that is buried somewhere amongst the junk I call my belongings, which are currently in storage and waiting patiently to be rearranged into my new flat *major yey and exciting dancing*!

How are you guys enjoying the sunshine? Have you got any good raspberries you'd like to share?
Emily x